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Workplace Wisdom

October 1 - 3, 2019
Manitou Springs, Colorado

Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, Colorado.

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About The Conference

We are a group of professionals who are together in support of a common cause. Our cause is to share expertise on how to create and sustain positive workplace cultures. The interactive format with all participants including the speakers is something that isn’t seen anywhere else. It emphasizes friendships with like-minded people and taking home fresh new implementable ideas.

This is a small prestigious group by design. The planned attendance each year is for a ratio of 2/3 returning alumni and 1/3 new registrants. Each group is on a first come first served basis. For 2019 there will be eight round tables with 8 persons per table. This includes all speakers who are with us for both days.

This is not an event for glitz and party time. As one of our alumni put it, it is a place for those who choose passion over pomp and circumstance. The retreat is not a place for lectures. It is a place to hear about and discuss stories about the "why?" and "how to? of creating and maintaining a great workplace culture". We don't just go for big names. We go for speakers who know what they are talking about because they've been there. There is no sales or marketing of products or services.

We would like you to join us if want to be a part of kindred spirits who want to push the boundaries of the modern workplace and face the challenges presented by environment, economy, and societal sustainability; if you believe that humanizing workplaces is the right thing to do, and that happy employees have a positive effect on business performance, their families, and their communities; and if you are committed to creating and cultivating joyful, supportive, fulfilling work environments.

Our Speakers Promise


The lineup of speakers is amazing. They will be with us as participants for the entire retreat.

See Speaker Bios

Jay Wilkinson

Jay Wilkinson CEO, Firespring

Lyric Turner

Lyric Turner CEO, Red House Staging and Interiors and Co-Founder, Hudson & Crane

Lori Dipprey

Lori Dipprey Chief People Officer, Pariveda Solutions

Jeff Klem

Jeff Klem Co-founder, Leadership Guide

Jon Pearson

Jon Pearson Director of Creativity, QLI

Jessica Tower

Jessica Tower President, Tower and Company

David Sturt

David Sturt EVP, O.C. Tanner

Doreen Kemp

Doreen Kemp Talent Manager, City of Fort Collins

Bryan Ungard

Bryan Ungard Chief Purpose Officer, Decurion

Erin Viermann

Erin Viermann Senior Vice President, Happy State Bank

Dan Ralphs

Dan Ralphs CEO, Dream Leadership

Kerry Stover

Kerry Stover COO, Pariveda Solutions

Selia Wood

Selia Wood Manager of Culture Advocacy, Southwest Airlines

Tom Crane

Tom Crane Founder, Crane Consulting

Warren Wright

Warren Wright CEO, Second Wave Learning

Eugene Sepulveda

Eugene Sepulveda Founder, Culturati

Darin Martin

Darin Martin

Tawnya Starr

Tawnya Starr Co-founder, Firespring

Agenda Moderators

These pro’s see to it that the agenda runs smoothly.

Theresa Agresta

Theresa Agresta Partner, CultureTalk

Stephanie Roob

Stephanie Roob Director, QLI

Dan McDonough

Dan McDonough President, Academy Culture Ambassadors Chapters

Kimberly Wiefling

Kimberly Wiefling Co-founder, Silicon Valley Alliances

Michael Price

Michael Price Client Experience Manager, Veterans United Home Loans

John Jeanetta

John Jeanetta CEO, Heartland Family Services


See the complete agenda. Be sure to notice the format with extensive interactions, networking, and conversations with the speakers. Also note the ending wrap-up.

See Retreat Agenda

Meeting Place

Our meeting place is the magnificent Cliff House hotel in Manitou Springs, CO. It is literally across the corner from the start of the quaint downtown main street. Everything you will want is only steps away including cafes, coffee houses and shopping. This is a wonderful place to bring your family for a few days of vacation in the cool mountain air. It might be perfect timing for Aspen tree fall colors. Manitou Springs is on the west edge of Colorado Springs, CO.

Cliff House Hotel in Manitou Springs, CO. The Cliff House Hotel in Manitou Springs, CO.

Who Attends

This meeting was previously called Wisdom for Modern Workplaces and was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. These are examples from attendance at our past two events:

This list may not be complete but it shows the diversity of our attendance.


The Cliff House is a luxury hotel. If you prefer, there are many options in Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs is nearby. We are not holding a block of rooms so make reservations directly on line at their web site.

There are relatively few rooms at the Cliff House. Click here to reserve a room. There are several hotels within walking distance but most are not what one might call "chain name recognized". Colorado Springs next door has everything but for that you'll need a car, taxi, Lyft, or Uber.

There are many wonderful places for food in Manitou Springs. You can check here for a start.

Small Groups for Meals

We have found that self-organized small groups for lunches and dinners is a nice way to make solid acquaintances and it's fun. Each group forms itself, decides themselves where to go and each pay for their own food and drinks. Here is what we'll do. You will have 4 colors of sticky dots. Red means lunch on October 1, green means dinner on October 1, blue means lunch on October 2 and yellow means lunch on October 3. Put the sticky dots on your name tag for those you want to join. Then gather in the lobby area after the last presentations at lunch times and form groups. For dinner gather at 6 p.m. and do the same.


The Colorado Springs airport is a major airport and about a 20-minute car ride to Manitou Springs. The Denver airport is about 50 miles north of Colorado Springs with interstate highway all the way.

Retreat Management Team

Gerald R. Wagner, PhD

Gerald R. Wagner, PhD Founder and Program

Dan McDonough

Dan McDonough Participant Communication

Claudette Rowley

Claudette Rowley Speaker Communication


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