A Landmark Conference on Workplace Culture and Wellbeing

You are invited to  join other culture professionals and be a Founder of this prestigious event.

October 3 and 4, 2017 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Speaker Takeaways

At this conference you know what the Dream Team are promising you as takeaways!  These are in the same order as the agenda.


Doug Kirkpatrick

The Self-Managed Workplace of the Future

Doug Will Present:

  • How to create a highly scalable enterprise without bosses and titles.
  • How to drive organizational agility, innovation, leadership and engagement through organizational self-management.
  • How organizational self-management can create a strategic business advantage.
  • How to slash the costs of management, the least efficient activity of any enterprise.

Matt Perez

Self-Management at Work, Freedom in the World

Matt Will Present:

  • How to get started on the road to a freedom-centric workplace.
  • How to use practices that work in spite of their being counter-intuitive.
  • How to scale self-management.
  • How to be part of creating a freedom-centric world.

August Turak

Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: A Quest for Meaning and Authenticity

August Will Present:

  • How monastic ‘secrets’ succeed in an economic era where meaning, authenticity and passion have become key.
  • How Trappist ways and wisdom connects character to the art of leadership.
  • Why mission, purpose, values, principles, integrity, ethics, service and people are the most critical aspects of business.
  • How to build authentically sustainable companies where leaders stop managing people and start getting results by managing culture.
  • How to understand what the Monastery, Marine Corps, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and the IBM Executive School have in common.
  • How to foster a sense of selflessness and community in your organization that leads to loyalty from employees and customers alike.
  • Why most leadership training is a waste of money.

Gayle Van Gils

HAPPIER AT WORK: The Power of Love to Transform the Workplace

Gayle Will Present:

  • How to reinvigorate the workplace with an understanding of “what love has to do with it”.
  • How a mindful workplace holds the keys to engagement and thriving.
  • How to create an optimism that you can be the agent of the changes you wish to see in the workplace.
  • How Mindfulness techniques can disrupt distraction and increase attention and focus.
  • How compassion practices enhance communication, collaboration and inclusivity.

Craig M. Smith

Maintaining a Strong Culture While Growing From Start-up to Grown-up

Craig Will Present:

  • How rapid growth doesn’t mean that companies need to lose identity and the employee buy-in that made it successful as a start-up.
  • How being mindful of how to maintain a strong culture and employee engagement during rapid growth should be a high priority.
  • How to embrace the journey and have fun along the way.

Paul Zelizer

MINDFUL LEADERSHIP: 4 Science Based Steps to Create the Workplace Culture You Desire

Paul Will Present:

  • How to create highly creative and engaged teams who rave about your business.
  • How to enhance organizational agility, innovation, and leadership with mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
  • How to cut healthcare costs and increase employee retention and happiness.
  • How to engage your employees as your organizations most dedicated brand ambassadors.

Jocelyn Davis

Why Shakespeare Should Be Your Go-To Source for Leadership Advice

Jocelyn Will Present:

  • Why leadership is not a set of skills, theories, or strategies, but a form of practical wisdom.
  • The 3 behaviors that make a true leader and the 3 corresponding types of misleader.
  • The top 8 traps that threaten leaders, plus tools we can use to avoid them.
  • A new way to think about leadership levels: in terms of your impact, not your title.

John Engle

Preparing and Inspiring a Generation of Changemakers

John Will Present:

  • How the WorldBlu 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy™ that form part of The Freedom at Work™ Model provides a scalable strategy to full engagement, joy and meaning at work.
  • How to measure and evaluate efforts toward creating a dynamic, innovative and resilient organization/company.
  • How to invite and nurture engagement using Open Space Technology.
  • How to improve dialogue, listening and mutual learning among your team.


Tonya L. Henderson

Creating Positive Patterns in the World of Work

Tonya Will Present:

  • How the world of work has changed for good.
  • Why it is important to focus on spotting patterns in the unfolding of organizational and competitive life.
  • How a fractal-informed approach to organizational storytelling uncovers values in practice.
  • How to use pattern-spotting strategically, both inside and outside of the organization.
  • Why complexity and a healthy respect for new materialism are game-changers for forward-thinking organizations.

Raymond Yeh, PhD.

Leadership Lessons from Buddha’s Teachings

Ray Will Present:

  • Why the current management’s practice of “bottom-line thinking” needs to be replaced by the more integrative “top-line” thinking.
  • How the basic teachings of Buddha can enable a paradigm shift in the workplace necessary in this rapidly changing world.
  • How Buddha’s basic teachings could help modern workplaces create meaning, spur innovation, and delight customers!

Judi Neal, Ph.D.

Creating Edgewalker Organizations: The Next Evolution in Applied Wisdom

Judi Will Present:

  • Why are Edgewalkers needed in today’s world?
  • How you and your organization can live more on the edge.
  • How to apply the five Archetypes of Change:  Edgewalkers, Flamekeepers, Hearthtenders, Placeholders, and Guardians.
  • How to be inspired by organizations that are consciously implementing workplace spirituality.
  • How to gain access to a rich treasure of workplace spirituality resources.

David Krueger MD

The Art and Neuroscience of an Organizational Story

Dave Will Present:

  • How to develop Your Organizational Story.
  • How to create master mind and brain strategies that make changes that last.
  • How to understand and regulate states of mind to optimize performance.
  • How to effectively use Appreciative Inquiry and Conversational Intelligence.
  • How to create Success Mindsets and Maps.

Patricia Aburdene

Conscious Capitalism: Today’s Most Dynamic Business Megatrend

Patricia Will Present:

  • What is a Megatrend?
  • What is Conscious Capitalism?
  • What is the Competitive Advantage of Conscious Capitalism?
  • What’s the difference between Conscious Capitalism & traditional capitalism?
  • How expanding human consciousness creates Conscious Capitalism.