From our Dream Team:

Tonya L. Henderson, M.S., D.M.

Creating Positive Patterns in the World of Work

Dr. Tonya L. Henderson, M.S., D.M.  is an expert in organization development and change. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado and works as an independent researcher and consultant. As a Doctor of Management and a graduate of the US Naval Academy, she blends original research with a military officer’s practicality. A veteran of the aerospace industry, her work is informed by multi-disciplinary experience, education, and scholarship.

Tonya loves exploring how groups of people self-organize and how repeated patterns of perceptions, communications, and behaviors offer clues to organizational values and outcomes. Her doctoral work and primary line of inquiry explore how socio-material fractals unfold in organizational life as seen through the lens of storytelling.  Tonya also teaches in Colorado Technical University’s MBA program and provides training in support of Pikes Peak Community College’s Workforce Development Division.

An experienced keynote speaker, she has spoken on three continents and been featured at TEDxColoradoSprings and the Story Project. She enjoys teaching business research, management, and strategy and serves as the Professional Development Workshop Chair for the Academy of Management’s Management Consulting Division. Dr. Henderson is a prolific author and most recently released an e-book titled “100 Time Hacks for the Insanely Busy Woman.” Links to her blog, publications, and business endeavors can be found at She spends her off hours serving as the 2016 curator of TEDxColoradoSprings and practicing yoga with her dog, Spot.

What Tonya promises you as takeaways from her presentation.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How the world of work has changed for good.
  • Why it is important to focus on spotting patterns in the unfolding of organizational and competitive life.
  • How a fractal-informed approach to organizational storytelling uncovers values in practice.
  • What quantum-storytelling theory teaches us about socio-material fractals and co-creative, multifractal emergence.
  • How to use pattern-spotting strategically, both inside and outside of the organization.
  • Why complexity and a healthy respect for new materialism are game-changers for forward-thinking organizations.

What Tonya says about why she is participating in the retreat.

Each new opportunity to share the learning and start a conversation leads to even greater discovery and new patterns of awareness all around. To that end, she engages in communities of scholarship and practice as often as possible, always with a view toward bringing theory into practice.

Why participate in this retreat? Your charge to “share innovative practices for superior workplace joy, productivity, and innovation” says it all! Who could resist THAT?

Tonya’s books and TedX presentation.