From our Dream Team:

Raymond Yeh, PhD.

Leadership lessons from Buddha's Teachings

Ray was chairman of computer science department at both U of Texas at Austin and U of Maryland at College Park. He was the Control Data Corporation distinguished professor at the University of Minnesota. He published 8 technical books, two business books, and more than 120 technical papers. He was the founding editor-in-chief of the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, and helped Software Engineering to develop into a formal academic discipline. He is a life fellow of the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Society for Design and Process Science (SDPS), and IC2 Institute at the University of Texas.

Ray was an entrepreneur co-founding two software companies. He also worked with officials at several nations, executives of leading edge global companies as well as with founders of start-up enterprises.

Ray and his wife have been living in a Buddhist Monastery in northern California, as volunteers, since 2003.

What Ray Promises You As Takeaways From His Presentation:

  • Why the current management’s practice of “bottom-line thinking” needs to be replaced by the more integrative “top-line” thinking;
  • What are some of the basic teachings of Buddha that could enable a paradigm shift in the workplace necessary in this rapidly changing world;
  • How Buddha’s basic teachings could help modern workplaces create meaning, spur innovation, and delight customers!

What Ray Says About Why He Is Participating In The Retreat:

I believe that Buddha’s basic teachings could help everyone to gain clarity on life’s meaning and establishes better relationships both at home and at work. He would like to share them with the retreat participants.  He also wants to meet and learn from the participants.

Ray’s Book: