From our Dream Team:

Paul Zelizer

MINDFUL LEADERSHIP: 4 Science Based Steps to Create the Workplace Culture You Desire

Paul Zelizer is one of the first business coaches to focus on the needs of wisdom based businesses. He runs a global coaching practice focused on supporting conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders in growing their businesses to the next level while staying true to their deepest integrity.  Paul believes in the power of combining inner awareness with the increasing amounts of scientific findings about effective mindful leadership and culture practices in business.

Paul is also the former Director of Social Media for Wisdom 2.0, one of the premier mindful business brands in the world.  At the 2015 Wisdom 2.0 conference, Paul and Alison Raby (the cofounder of Wisdompreneurs) were invited to do a breakout session on Wisdom and Entrepreneurship. Over 300 people had to be turned away because the fire marshall wouldn’t let any more people into the room.

In 2013, he co-founded Wisdompreneurs because he saw the need for more support and entrepreneurial thinking among transformational business leaders.  Today, he is the CEO and Chief Weirdness Officer of Wisdompreneurs.  (Yes, he thinks humor matters in business).

In addition to conscious business, Paul is passionate about just about anything you can do in the mountain high country, power yoga, dark chocolate, sustainable living, ecstatic poetry and deep centering breaths. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Learn more about Paul’s work.


  • Learn How to Create Highly Creative and Engaged Teams Who Rave About Your Business.
  • Learn How to Enhance Organizational Agility, Innovation, and Leadership With Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Learn How to Cut Healthcare Costs and Increase Employee Retention and Happiness.
  • Learn How to Engage Your Employees as Your Organizations Most Dedicated Brand Ambassadors.

Why Paul Is Participating in The Retreat:

My mission is to support the spread of wisdom practices in business on Planet Earth.  I started learning about mindfulness and the scientific benefits of it in 1989.  It’s been the foundation of my entire professional career.

I’m excited about the Retreat coming to Northern New Mexico, where I have had the honor of living for many years.  I look forward to sharing some of the unique wisdom of this magical place which has centuries of traditions of cultural knowledge.

From Paul’s LinkedIn profile:

“Are you wondering how to take your conscious business to the next level while staying true to your deepest integrity?