From our Dream Team:

Matt Perez

Self-Management at Work, Freedom in the World

Matt has been building hardware and software products for over 30 years.  He has helped raise close to $50M in VC investments as a co-founder of three start ups.

In 2007 Matt co-founded Nearsoft, Inc, a successful software development company that helps its clients grow their software development teams with engineers in Mexico.


Why Matt is Participating in this Retreat:

Fixed, pre-imposed hierarchies are a thing of the past.  The future belongs to people working together in dynamic, adaptive, self-managed organizations.  My goal is to make that future happen sooner than later.

From its start in 2007, we knew we wanted to attract to Nearsoft people who would speak up, self-direct, and show initiative.  We wanted to contribute more than simply writing code for clients.  What started as a vague intention eventually developed into a freedom-centric, self-managed organization.

At Nearsoft we don’t have a management elite.  Instead, the company is run by its members.  People commit to responsibilities and are accountable to their teams.

In fact, we have a lot more explicit structure in place than most hierarchical organizations.  Everything that’s normally in the boss’ head had to be made explicit and known to all.  Including our revenue and costs, and even salaries.  We also have a lot of well-defined structure in place: a decision matrix, dynamic leadership teams, self-managed assessments, etc.

It has been a fantastic journey.  As we grew we’ve had to face different challenges but in the end we’ve been able to make things work within our framework.

As a result, Nearsoft has been ranked as a top 25 Great Place to Work in technology in Mexico since 2008.  Nearsoft is also a WorldBlu Certified Freedom-Centered Workplace and has been since 2009.

Organizations in general and business in particular must now be the new cradle of democracy.

What Matt Promises You as Takeaways From His Presentation:

  • How to  get started on the road to a freedom-centric workplace.
  • How to use practices that work in spite of their being counter-intuitive.
  • How to scale self-management
  • How to be part of creating a freedom-centric world