A Legend In The Making – Be A Part Of It

October 3-4, 2017
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Celebrating Kindness, Joy, and Love as a Business Priority

You are invited to  join other culture professionals and be a Founder of this prestigious event.

Takeaways Speakers Agenda


The Academy of Culture Ambassadors is hosting the first-ever WISDOM FOR MODERN WORKPLACES© retreat on October 3-4, 2017. We call it a “retreat” to help distinguish it from another cookie cutter conference. The retreat is open for the public. Attendance is limited to 75 persons to insure interaction among a like-minded family of professionals.

The retreat is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a city steeped in centuries of stories, philosophy, sustainability, and creativity.  It is a place that opens minds and invigorates imagination — a mindset that will guide the retreat and its innovative approach.

Is the Retreat Right for You?


“Have you ever been in a culture environment where it feels like flying arrows are always shooting down your ideas?  Me too. But we dodge the arrows and don’t waiver from our vision for a collaborative and participation culture.”

Thanks to Tracie Thor for her interpretation of the image.  Tracie is with Ascension the largest non-profit health system in the U.S. and the world’s largest Catholic health system. She is a member of the Austin Chapter of Culture Ambassadors.

Take time to study the content of this site.  This is no ordinary hum drum conference.  We have provided transparency of everything so you know exactly what to expect.  We think you will be surprised.

The retreat is for you if you want to be a part of kindred spirits who want to push the boundaries of the modern workplace and face the challenges presented by environment, economy, and societal sustainability; if you believe that humanizing workplaces is the right thing to do, and that happy employees have a positive effect on business performance, their families, and their communities; and if you are committed to creating and cultivating joyful, supportive, fulfilling work environments.

Takeaways and Agenda


Have resilience to withstand the storm and enjoy the rainbow that follows!
Thanks to Beth Schmidt for her interpretation of the image.  Beth is with Mutual of Omaha and the Austin Chapter of Culture Ambassadors.

There is no guessing about what each speaker is going to cover in their presentation.  Each speaker is specifically telling you what their takeaways are.  See these in their DREAM TEAM profiles. That required some extra thinking on their part but we appreciate that. It would be nice if you compliment them afterwards for doing this.

Take a look at the agenda and Speaker Takeaways.

WIFM (What’s In It For Me)


“When your organization embraces culture change it stands out and is not just another stem in the haystack.”
Thanks to Ghadeer Garcia for her interpretation of the image.  Ghadeer is with Kazley and Associates and the Kansas City Chapter of Culture Ambassadors.

“We keep looking for the golden needle in the haystack– the one program that will solve all our problems. But it is always right there in front of us-bigger than the haystack.  And it is always the same — human kindness, sharing, working together, caring for each other, building relationships.  Just like it has always been.”
Thanks to John Fassnacht for his interpretation of the image.  John is with Ascension and the Austin Chapter of Culture Ambassadors.

  • Recent workplace culture practices and tools that are proven to work in everyday businesses;
  • Ancient stories and beliefs that are appropriate in today’s workplace as they have been for centuries of mankind.
  • CEO’s that know how to grow without getting old.
  • How to get ready for a 2027 workplace culture.
  • People that are like a family of like-minded friends have gathered to learn about and share sensible practices for humanness in business workplaces;
  • Speakers that are accessible during and after the retreat.
  • A place that does not have glitz, marble and glass but is steeped in centuries of stories, philosophy, sustainability, and creativity.

What Makes this Retreat Unique?


“Employees will uncover gems when trusted and given freedom to explore.”
Thanks to Carrie Vanston for her interpretation of the image.  Carrie is with Corporate Cultures that Rock and the Austin Chapter of Culture Ambassadors.

“Put away the pick and shovel. Big gems at the retreat are yours for the taking.”
Thanks to Jack Allen, PhD. for his interpretation. Jack is with Dynamic Coaching and a member of the Austin Chapter of Culture Ambassadors.

  • You know the precise takeaways before you sign up to attend.  Each speaker has listed the takeaways they promise for their presentation.
  • This conference is designed to extend the family of culture ambassadors — a network of forward-thinking individuals who will share, cooperate, and stay connected to one another over time. The retreat is limited to 75 people in order to emphasize individual connections and interactivity; future retreats will serve as reunions, where friendships and relationships will grow and evolve.
  • Speakers will emphasize strategic considerations such as higher purpose, intrinsic motivation, engagement, high-performance cultures, and the importance of virtues.
  • The intent of the speakers is to express and not impress, to share fears and failures as well as successes.
  • The parlous state of the world we inhabit, shifting outlooks (the new American dream), confrontational politics and societies (migrations, widening differences) gives rise to separation anxiety rather than freedom and growth due to the richness of our interconnectedness. This retreat allows us to reflect on creating new, powerful. positive, alternative trends.
  • The content of the program and the creative surrounds facilitates a learning experience and addresses the whole person – physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual including wisdom from ancient stories.
  • Participant profiles including photo, brief bio, and reason for attending the retreat will be available online before the retreat starts.  You get to know your fellow attendees ahead of time.
  • This retreat will have a casual vibe — expect a lighthearted, enjoyable approach to learning. While you’ll absorb a wealth of information and countless new tools for you and your company, you’ll also have fun.

University Student Interns

Invite and support young people to attend the retreat.  It will for sure get your company some goodwill points.

Does your company have or know University interns?  Are you or your company affiliated with a College or University?  We love to have bright students at the retreat.  They and everyone else benefits from their presence. We will 100% waive registration fees for the first 15 students that contact us.  Consider finding a few and making them aware.  Then it would be nice for your company to help them with their travel expenses

For a 100% fee waiver contact Dr. Wagner at wagnergeraldr@gmail.com.



Alumni Returning

The retreat will always be limited to 75 participants. Starting in 2018 the participants from 2017 will be given first right of refusal.  They are considered to be the Founders of the event.

Their Book Will Follow

The 24 member dream team will be headed out of Santa Fe but their book will be following them soon.

Soon after the conference a book will be published with a chapter by each speaker.  All speakers have agreed to do this!  We’ll do this each year and this series will become the definitive source of material about state of the art for workplace cultures.

The book will include a photo of the participant group and several informal photos of those attending.  You will want to be there.  You can show and tell with your family and friends.

Our Artist


Hey, don’t mind me. I’m just capturing your AWESOMENESS from beginning to end!
Thanks to Carrie Vanston for her interpretation of the image.  Carrie is with Corporate Cultures that Rock and the Austin Chapter of Culture Ambassadors.


Life Lessons for Children Inspired by Warren Buffett

Our illustrations were prepared by nationally known illustration artist Tom Kerr.

One of Tom’s most well known works are his illustrations in the book entitled The Oracle’s Fables which has life lessons for children based on quotes from the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett.

Now for the credentials of the “DREAM TEAM” of speakers.  Go to Dream Team  to learn more.